Marathon Grill, Phoodie Media Customer, April 2023 Shoot

Amazing Food & Drinks at Marathon Grill in Philadelphia

Marathon Grill is a popular neighborhood and Center City foodie restaurant in Philadelphia, PA. With two locations on Spruce and Sansom Street, they have decades of delivering high quality food to their customers. Their restaurants have an awesome selection of lunch, dinner and bar options to choose from. Diners can see the busy kitchen and counter staff during lunch, brunch and dinner. I have had the opportunity to see a ton of restaurant kitchen and staff work during a rush. Marathon Grill’s staff has to be one of the hardest working ones when it comes to delivery a quality dining experience.

Marathon On The Square, Phoodie Media , Philadelphia PA

About Marathon Grill

The neighborhood around Marathon Grill loves their food and takes advantage of their take on comfort food. According to Marathon Grill, “As a family owned and operated restaurant, we take pride in the comfort food that we serve. We are a restaurant model crafted upon a philosophy our management team takes pride in — a philosophy founded upon warm and personable hospitality, while at the same time, introducing guests to our city’s local purveyors. Marathon Grill opened 38 years ago to serve the neighborhood, not only as a place to dine and drink, but also to offer the farm-fresh lifestyle.”

Marathon Grill & Phoodie Media

Marathon Grill has been a Phoodie Media customer since 2021. Jon, the owner, and his team needed help to consistently promote their restaurant on social media while COVID was still affecting restaurants in Philadelphia. It has been a great experience to work with Jon and his diligent managers, Vickie and Debbie, to capture and post what makes Marathon Grill a go-to spot in Center City Philadelphia.

Mussels and Crostini, Marathon Grill, Phoodie Media, Philadelphia, PA

Success Growing Social Media Accounts

Over the past two years, it’s been nothing but growth for Marathon Grill’s social media outreach. Since April 2021, their overall Facebook and Instagram reach is up over 100%. Phoodie Media has used a blend of organic content, Reels publishing, and ads focused on growing Marathon Grill’s pages and promoting catering. Now, their presence on Facebook and Instagram have gone off. In 2023 alone, their overall reach is up 423% on Facebook and 57% on Instagram.

A vital component of Marathon Grill’s social media approach is creating original, creative content. Every 6 months, Marathon Grill receives an all-included content creation shoot to capture photos and videos for social media. Here’s some of the awesome content taken during their most recent content shoot in April 2023.

Moscow Mule, Marathon Grill, Philadelphia, PA, Phoodie Media
Morrocan Salad, Marathon Grill, Phoodie Media, Philadelphia, PA
Cheesesteak, Marathon Grill, Phoodie Media, Philadelphia, PA
Mac N Cheese, Marathon Grill, Phoodie Media, Philadelphia, PA
Marathon Burger with Jalapenos, Marathon Grill, Phoodie Media, Philadelphia, PA