Reach more customers with PPC advertising.

Localized PPC Campaigns for Bars & Restaurants

Expand your reach and drive traffic from different channels to bring in more customers. Get more website traffic, book reservations, and drive locals to your online ordering page with PPV advertising.

Promote your restaurant with paid campaigns.

Combine PPC advertising and paid promotion to engage with more locals in your direct area.

Thousands of local foodies are just a click away with our localized pay-per-click advertising strategy.

It’s time to implement a paid marketing strategy for your restaurant. Phoodie Media works with clients to create a customized, regional approach towards finding more customers. Focusing on diners in your area, compared to an hour away, has a higher likelihood of turning them into real-world business. We’ll craft a PPC strategy that does just that.

Utilize different social media platforms and search engines like Meta, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Send locals to your website, reservation, and online ordering pages to close more sales.

Google Ads

Implement a low cost PPC Google Ads campaign focused on your immediate area.


Run different ads focused on growing your page and generating clicks towards your goal.


Synchronized ads with Facebook and boost posts to reach more followers.

Online Ordering

Steer customers away from third party delivery and towards your online ordering page.


Get your TikTok profile in front of more foodie users to start trending faster.

Book More Reservations

Influence locals to book ahead of time through your online reservation site.

phoodie ads

One Phoodie Media customer’s Google Ads campaigns in 2022 achieved…


Impressions on Google Maps


Clicks to their Website


CPC Competitive Ad Spend

Ads focused on your industry.

Restaurant PPC
Focused On Locals First

Pay-per-click advertising has a ton of options. Phoodie Media understands that a majority of your customers are within a close drive of your business.

Affordable CPC

Get cost effective ad campaigns that takes
your budget to maximum potential.

Centered On Your Direct Area

A majority of your customers are within a given radius of your restaurant. Our Google Maps campaign will help you reach them.

Rank Ahead of Competitors

Find your niche and use it to your advantage. Rank higher than neighboring competitor restaurants.

Few SMB Restaurants Utilize PPC

Most SMB restaurants do not utilize pay-per-click advertising. Take advantage of a marketing area a lot of local restaurants fail to.