You run the restaurant, we’ll run your social media.

Restaurant Social Profile Management Services

Phoodie Media provides curated, white glove services to manage all your profiles. Get scheduled posting, follower engagement, PPC advertising, and review management.

Engage. Curate. Manage.

Save time and receive peace of mind with our professional social media management services.

Having a consistent, unique, and sizzling social media is a must for every restaurant.

Is your restaurant struggling to attract more customers? Local foodies research restaurants before choosing to eat there. Having a consistent social media can result in potential customers choosing your restaurant over the competitor across the street.

Phoodie Media take a customized approach to elevate our client’s social profiles. Implementing a personalized, scheduled strategy can mean the difference between reaching hundreds or hundreds of thousands on an annual basis. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, or VSCO, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to engage with followers, curate your content, and manage critical components that can differentiate your social media from other restaurants in your area.

Let Phoodie Media grow and manage all your accounts.





Follower Engagement

Social media platforms reward profiles that respond to followers. Answering comments, reviews, and DM’s is incredibly beneficial for working with algorithms. Don’t have time to answer your followers? Phoodie Media will handle it for you with real-time and automated responses.

phoodie media follower engagment

Manage Reviews

We’ll answer reviews to help improve your social media profiles’ presence and improve reach.

Respond to DM’s

Let us build automated DM’s that can drive new business for catering, reservations and more.

Repost & Trend

Your followers love posting your food. Share their love by allowing Phoodie Media to repost content.

Strategic PPC Advertising

phoodie media ad creation

Ad Creation

Create effective ads with original content designed to meet goals set by your restaurant.

phoodie media local ad

Local First

Our ads take a local approach. Restaurants need to focus on customers in their direct area rather than hundreds of miles away.

phoodie media ads

Growth & Clicks

Track paid follower growth and clicks to your website, online ordering, and reservation pages.

scheduled social media postings
Consistent Posting = Resilient Results.

Scheduled & automated postings that keep you in customers’ feeds.

Stop worrying about whether you’ve recently posted content. Phoodie Media will take care of it for you. Get weekly scheduled and automated postings for platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Stay in front of your customers with regularly pushed content that improves your profiles for different algorithms.