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Pictured: Two Restaurant Lovers

About Phoodie Media

My name is Dan, owner and founder of Phoodie Media! I started this company in 2023 to help restaurants reach more customers. My focus is to bring a focused, local approach for restaurants when it comes to expanding their digital presence. I’ve worked with hospitality businesses my entire professional career, and now I am happy to bring affordable digital marketing services to your restaurant. Whether you’re a busy bar or fine dining, I’m here to help your business!

After graduating from Duquesne University in 2016, I joined Advanced Hospitality Systems as a Territory Manager. I learned about the business side of restaurant operations through real world experience. My point-of-sale career gives me a different point of view when it comes to helping you. Focusing on promoting food items is one thing. Taking the next step to promote online ordering, reservations, email marketing, and other non-brick-and-mortar sales channels is even better.

In 2019, I began assisting with Advanced Hospitality Systems’ marketing efforts. I eventually became our company’s Marketing Manager. During 2020, it was difficult to see customers’ businesses close due to the COVID-19 lock downs. I was asked to reach out to one of our point-of-sale customers to help with Facebook and Instagram to boost business. Since then, I have helped restaurants of all different concepts grow their digital presence.