Every restaurant needs a great website. Let us build yours.

Website design for restaurants.

Having an effective, attractive website can be a make or break when it comes to attracting new customers. Don’t use a landing page that looks like it’s from 1999. Get a modern, user-friendly website the bring in new business.

Get a website that matches your brand.

Responsive website development.

Our team can assist you with creating a new website that shares your restaurant’s story with an effective SEO approach.

Responsive Design

We’ll work with you on creating a website that is responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.

Focused on Local SEO

Take a focused approach towards adding longtail keywords and become niche in your local area.

Push Online Ordering

Steer customers away from using third party delivery apps and promote your own online ordering.

Tell Your Story

Give your business an identity by telling your story and stand out from local competition.

Full Website Maintenance

Get full coverage with a website built on the most popular platform with full hosting coverage and design backup. Give users security with an all-included SSL certificate.

Built On WordPress

Our websites are designed on WordPress and can be built with several template designs, including Astra, Colibri, Salient, and other popular themes.

Domain Hosting Services

Need a new domain? Want full domain coverage? Phoodie Media will purchases and host your domains. Ask about covering all your bases.

Backed Up & Protected

All of our websites are backed up in case of a worst case scenario. Get full SSL protection and provide security for yourself and website visitors.

Get a New Website Now

Phoodie Media Website Design Services for Restaurants

Does your restaurant need a better website? Don’t wait. Contact Phoodie Media today to get your no obligation, free consultation. Our team will work with you to implement a new website.